Bonique’a A. Matthews is a Hampton Roads native, a Liberty University alum, with a bachelor of science in Video Broadcasting Communication Studies, and a masters of fine arts candidate in the field of Cinema-vision Screen and Scriptwriting at Regent University.

“Secrets For Strangers” is Bonique’a Matthews’ second self-directed, produced, and written short film to date. One of her goals with “Secrets” was to address the stigmas against mental health in the African-American community, both from the perspective of a twenty-something peer group, and from the traditional parental generation. She hopes the film will be an entertaining tool for perspective broadening as well as conversational catalyst towards a more open acceptance of those who seek therapy or other psychiatric treatments.

A major part of Boniquea’s writing goal is the increased visibility and improved quality of the images of African Americans, specifically African American women, on screen, and in Hollywood. Outside of filmmaking, Bonique’a works as a daily on-boarding substitute teacher for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, and facilitates a weekly Hollywood Film Review after-school workshop with middle school students in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Secrets For Strangers” will have its festival premiere at the 2013 Hollywood Black Festival on Friday October 4th, 2013 @ the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, 1615 North Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA. East Coast screenings are currently in the works.

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